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  • Armagetron Advanced (a 3D Tron light cycle game)
    1. .dP° tux's multimode [ctf, fort, teamsumo, sumobar, sandbox]
    2. DpG Capture The Flag [respwn.us]

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.dP° Academy- Ready for Launch!

In 3...2.,..1... Ladies and Gentlemen, .dP° gives you

.dP° Academy

.Disgruntled Programmer Academy°

.dP°tux's server

Hi there is a new server:

.dP°tux's multimode :)
It's a multimode server, you can play teamsumo, fortress (ladle settings), ctf (brawl settings), more to come.
It's hosted on the same server with the other DpG servers.

The address (for custom connect): respwn.us, port 4538
If you have any suggestions, tell me :)

Have Fun, Ubuntu / Tux :=)

.dP° goes Youtube

Ok guys, many of you know about .dP° on Youtube


Well things just got better since I have just uploaded our first video [second, if you consider the first low quality lagtastic video]

If you guys want to do it, feel free to. Just PM when you have a movie completed and ill give you the account info so you can upload it :D

I will soon be doing one with movie packs.. dun dun duhhh

Here were the steps I took:

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